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Lorena Ochoa may be just 5-foot-5 and 120 pounds, but despite being lean, she is the most supreme.
Lorena Ochoa may be just 5-foot-5 and 120 pounds, but despite being lean, she is the most supreme. (Courtesy ladieseuropeantour.com)

Lorena Ochoa proves to be lean, mean and supreme

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,

Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we go to great lengths to rank golfers in such a way that the common person can relate. We aren't dazzled by fancy talk or glittery outfits or bribes. Ok, we have yet to be offered a bribe, so we can't say for sure if that wouldn't dazzle us. Feel free to contact us to put that to the test, if you wish.

In the end, however, only the supremest of the supreme make our rankings, and sometimes the scoreboard doesn't tell the entire tale. Because to us, John Daly finishing 44th in a PGA Tour event is every bit as supreme as George McNeil winning his first career event. The super computer we use to rank golfers takes waist size into consideration, you see.

However, this week, the most supreme of all is once again a woman with nearly no waist whatsoever. Yes, that lovely and trim brunette from Mexico is again as supreme as she wants to be.

Golfer Supremacy Rankings

1. Lorena Ochoa

Comments: She's sweet, petite and she can't be beat. By routing the field at the Samsung World Championship, Ochoa clinched her second consecutive LPGA Tour player of the year award, and pushed her seasonal earnings to more than $3.3 million. At just 25, Ochoa has amassed 16 LPGA victories in her stellar career, including seven in 2007, including her first major title, at the Women's British Open. Let there be no doubt who the queen of women's golf is, and with a powerful work ethic and a frantic fan base in her home country of Mexico, expect Ochoa to stay on top of the game for the foreseeable future.

2. John Daly

Comments: Sometimes, Daly is capable of superhuman efforts. We're not talking about his unlikely triumphs in majors, either. We're talking about the fact that Daly had to play a PGA Tour event in Las Vegas. And the man who has admitted to gambling away something like $400 zillion, managed to show up for his tee times and finish in 44th place. He also managed to sneak a 63 in there. And he did all of this within earshot of millions of slot machines and complimentary beverages. Daly is still at 181 on the money list and will likely no regain his PGA Tour card, but sponsors know a good thing when they see one, and we'll be seeing plenty more of Big John in 2008. Because Daly may not be lean or even supreme, but he can still occasionally be extreme.

3. Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Comments: There's something about Texas governors and golf. Having taken over for George W. Bush as governor of the most death-penalty-lovin' state in the union, apparently Perry has spent too much time vetoing bills and shuffling convicts off to the electric chair to worry about his golf game. Perry, of course, played in the Frys.com Open and was Daly's first-round partner. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal (courtesy Texas Golf)

"(John) Daly continued losing focus waiting for amateur Rick Perry to reach the green in a timely fashion on most holes. I'm pretty convinced Texas today is by far our nation's most efficiently run state, because it's impossible to believe its governor spends much time playing golf.

Perry did, however, bring along a security contingent complete with those Secret Service-type ear pieces, which would have been interesting if it wasn't so laughable given the only thing most knew about him was that he was the guy you backed up 20 yards from each time he addressed a shot."

Random Quote: "In my mind, I didn't play bad because because I played bad; I played bad because I shouldn't have played. The decision was on my part. But it wasn't really my fault either, because I really wanted to play." - Michelle Wie, after finishing 19th at the Samsung World Championship.

Random Job Offer: Now that Greg Nared is no longer working with Michelle Wie, he has a standing offer to be the full-time agent for us here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings. It may not be much, but we promise our parents won't bug him at all.

William K. Wolfrum keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation. You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfrum.

Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management.

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