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Lorena Ochoa has proven again that she is as supreme a golfer as you'll ever find.
Lorena Ochoa has proven again that she is as supreme a golfer as you'll ever find. (ladieseuropeantour.com)

Lorena Ochoa's Master-ful performance a supreme golf moment

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,

Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we take into account many factors in ranking a golfer: Personality, fashion sense, wit, charm, temper and more. These traits are fed into the jumbo GSR Supercomputer, and voila, we have our rankings.

Of course, like us, the GSR Supercomputer is dazzled by displays of greatness. And while the Masters is on everyone's mind at the moment, we still prefer to look back at the LPGA Tour's first major of the year. Yes, Lorena Ochoa again stood tall, taking home her second professional major by winning the LPGA Kraft Nabisco Championship.

So, while we're excited as anyone for the 2008 Masters and are thrilled to see new story lines develop, we have no choice but to go with the only golfer this year with a major title to her name.

Golfer Supremacy Rankings

1. Lorena Ochoa

Comments: Ochoa definitely falls into the Tiger Woods/LeBron James/Michael Jordan category of athlete that is easy to like yet dominant as all get out. And, yeah, that's heady company for Ochoa, but right now, that's where she's at. Her victory at the LPGA Kraft Nabisco Championship was so Tiger-esque, so devoid of any real challenge, that it just became her show entirely. And it also showed that, like Tiger, Ochoa understands her game and the game to a point that other players can't reach.

With two majors in the bag and what looks like many, many more to come, it's time that Lorena Ochoa be spoken about in the same manner of other elite athletes. She is truly Supreme.

2. Tiger Woods

Comments: Many courageous golf writers will look outside the box this Masters week, trying desperately to find story angles that don't involve Tiger Woods. It will be tough going, however. Recent reports show that there will be more than 17 trillion words written about Tiger by next Monday. Put it this way, if you had 14.632 cents for every word written about Woods this week, you'd have ... well, we'll let you do the math. But it would be a lot. So relax, golf writers of the world. Write about Tiger as much as you wish. Because the 2008 Masters, like every tournament he's entered in his illustrious career, will be all about Tiger Woods. And rightly so.

3. Alex Cejka

Comments: We freely admit that we're including Alex Cejka solely for the purpose of making readers think, "Wow, the Golfer Supremacy Rankings are so esoteric and off the wall." We're not saying that makes it right, mind you, but such is the case. But we include Cejka because he doesn't live far from some of our family in Arizona, and he's originally from Prague, where our boss drinks. We find that neat. And, honest, Cejka has been one of the most improved golfers of the year to this point. His 2007 season saw him finish a disappointing 122nd on the FedEx Cup Points. He's at No. 70 thus far in 2008, having made made eight of 12 cuts, including two top-5 finishes. One can track Cejka's career with perfect clarity: In 2004, he was the World's No. 55 golfer. That ballooned to No. 383 in 2006. In 2008, he's set to break 200 again, and look for Cejka to continue to move lower with his rededication to the game.

Honorable Mention: We would be remiss to not include this incident: According to the Associated Press, it seems a few guys playing at Rose Ridge Golf Course near Pittsburgh lost their tempers and beat the heck out of 66-year-old and 46-year-old playing partners. No charges have been filed at yet, but we hope the suspects are nabbed. But it just goes to show once again, that regardless of age, golf is the most dangerous game you'll ever play.

William K. Wolfrum keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation. You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfrum.

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