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We learned something about Michelle Wie during the Solheim Cup.
We learned something about Michelle Wie during the Solheim Cup. (Jean-Phillippe Debargue/EclipseSportswire.com)

Solheim Cup champs make Michelle Wie a winner, keep America Supreme in golf

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,

Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we are 100 percent patriotic, right down to our red, white and blue bikini underwear. That's why we burst into patriotic song and dance when the U.S. team held off Europe to keep possession of the Solheim Cup. It was truly a great moment for golf, and this nation.

Currently, the United States owns both the Ryder and Solheim Cups. Here at the GSR, we personally believe the U.S. should now cancel both competitions, keep the cups and tell Europe to bite it. But we're slightly xenophobic that way.

Nonetheless, America's brave women deserve respect for handling the pressure and holding serve in Illinois. Because not only did they achieve national glory, they finally managed to get Michelle Wie on a winner's podium.

Golfer Supremacy Rankings

1. The U.S. Solheim Cup Team

Comments: The U.S. team came into the 11th Solheim Cup as prohibitive favorites but never allowed overconfidence get in their way as they defeated a competitive, yet outgunned, European squad. The victory by the U.S. makes one thing spectacularly, and supremely evident - Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, Michelle Wie and the rest of the U.S. "young guns" have truly come of age. And with Creamer leading the charge, expect the U.S. to stay in the pink for some time to come.

2. Michelle Wie

Comments: Sure, she's 0-and-Everything as a pro, but we learned something valuable about Wie during the Solheim Cup. When it comes to the United States of America, the teen star is unbeatable. Wie went 3-0-1 in her four Solheim matches, showcasing once again that she is an All-American girl of the highest degree. "I think people have seen a different side of me," said Wie. And we did. Now let's see her finally put the demons top rest and take home an LPGA trophy.

3. Y.E. Yang

Comments: Yang's epic performance at the PGA Championship still hovers over the world of golf. The South Korean became the first Asian to win a major championship. More impressively, he stared down Tiger Woods in the final round, showing not an ounce of nervousness. While Yang may not go on to terrorize the PGA Tour, he has forever made his mark and added to the now-rich legacy of South Korean golf.

4. Dave Berner

Comments: Week in and week out, this legendary golf journalist has delivered the goods on his TravelGolf.com This Week podcast. The hairless wonder has a great radio voice, an incredible knowledge of golf, and an amazing singing voice. Berner is by far the most supreme of all golf podcasters.

Random Golf News: A groundskeeper at the Morrison Lake Country Club in Saranac, Mich., has found the tooth of an 11,000-year-old Mammoth on the golf course. There is currently no truth to the rumors that the course flew talk show host Larry King out to positively identify the remains.

William K. Wolfrum keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation. You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfrum.

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