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Even Wikipedia's Super Bowl page is leaning toward the Patriots.
Even Wikipedia's Super Bowl page is leaning toward the Patriots. (Courtesy Paul Keleher)

Golfer Supremacy Super Bowl picks Tiger Woods to rout the New England Patriots

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,

At the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, where our middle name is "Tiger" (no, just kidding, it's "Supremacy") we sort of slammed into a brick wall this week when Tiger Woods won the Buick Invitational by 267 shots. It was such an impressive victory that it made the act of ranking golfers this week an exercise in silliness. Of course, such exercises are our strong suit, but even we have our limits.

So after Tiger's impressive blowout we decided to look ahead to a future blowout - Super Bowl XLC!XDQTE (Seriously, why do they persist on using roman numerals?). Because while the NFL is gearing up its media explosion for the upcoming title game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, pretty much everybody has accepted that the Patriots will win by 17 or 18 touchdowns, finish the season 19-0, and make every human being, animal, mollusk and shellfish in Boston completely unbearable. Or unbearabler.

So this week, in honor of Tiger's amazing performance and the Patriots' upcoming amazing performance, we figured we'd take a look at how Tiger Woods would match up as an opponent for the Patriots in what we like to call "The Golfer Supremacy Super Bowl."

Golfer Supremacy Super Bowl: Tiger Woods vs. Patriots

Offense: The Patriots trot out one of the most impressive offenses the NFL has seen since Joe Montana and Steve Young were in San Francisco. Tom Brady has the confidence of a man who has tasted victory and has a spot waiting for him at Canton, his offensive line is solid, he has a superstar receiver in Randy Moss, and a solid running game.

For his part, Tiger Woods is a player who attacks non-stop, always looking for openings. While many feel the complete absence of lineman, running backs and receivers will make Woods a sitting duck for the Patriots defense, we feel otherwise. Look for Tiger to use a strong aerial game to stretch the defense, while pounding the ball up the middle.

Advantage: Even.

Defense: The Patriots wouldn't have had the success they have with a weak defense, and this year is no different, as Teddy Bruschi and Junior Seau lead a tough Pats' D.

Tiger's defense can get shaky if he falls behind early, but once he has a lead, he plays D with the best of them. It's hard to imagine how Woods will manage to cover Moss while getting a decent pass rush on Brady, but we think he'll find a way.

Advantage: Tiger Woods.

Intangibles: The Patriots have the best coach in the game in Bill Belichick, have won three Super Bowls and have the confidence of a team comfortable with its place in history. To put it quite simply, New England is among the best teams to ever play in the NFL.

Tiger Woods has won 62 times on the PGA Tour, and at 31 has as many victories as Arnold Palmer garnered in his whole career. His 13 major triumphs are proof positive that Woods can up his game when he needs to the most, and his mental strength is undeniable.

Advantage: Tiger Woods.

Prediction: Tiger Woods 41, New England Patriots 14 (Seriously, we're a golf Web site, what did you expect?). Look for Tiger to take a big lead after three quarters and cruise to the end as he adds a Super Bowl ring to his numerous conquests.

Random Super Bowl Thought: Has anyone ever seen a Super Bowl where one team has been as disrespected as much as the New York Giants have been this year? They are but a sideshow in Phoenix, part of the game the same way the commercials are. Heck, even Wikipedia's page on the Super Bowl features a picture of the Lombardi Trophy - one of the three that belongs to New England.

We here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings appreciate that depth of disrespect and would like to add to it by stating that they have no chance whatsoever against New England, and that Eli Manning is probably a jerk. Tape that to the locker room wall, Tom Coughlin!

Random golf thought: Adam Scott at least deserves a mention for closing out the Qatar Masters with a 61. Consider him mentioned.

William K. Wolfrum keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation. You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfrum.

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