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By GolfPublisher Staff,
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Hard to find beers

As a group of four seniors we have enjoyed golfing holidays in the USA three out of the last four years. Our only disappointment is the beers! We did find some "Pyramid Ale" at one stop in Tennessee which was very good but, as Mr. Bedell says most of the offers were "watery lagers. I am sure they are there, but it's very difficult for the visitor to find them.

Brian Wimpory, Suffolk. England

News from the Wild Bunch Invitational

(Your site) is great reading. My buddies and I can relate to this. It almost sounds like someone in our group is doing the writing.

We all played sports together growing up. Once we all got out of college and most got married and moved off we decided to have a golf tourney every year as a reunion.

We had played softball together during college and afterwards on weekends and we were called "The Wild Bunch" So we decided to name our tournament "The Wild Bunch Invitational" This was back in 86' The only rule was you had to break 120 to play. You have to have some high standards.

We elected to play in Dothan, Alabama at the old Olympia Spa G.C. that is now known as the Dothan National Golf Club and Resort. The Jr. Masters was played there for a long time. It is a long course and a blast to play.

You can go there and park your car on Wed and not move it until Sun afternoon. Lots of Golf, Food, Poker, and Drinks and no wives or girl friends. Pretty close to Heaven my friend.

Well we pulled it off the 1st year and it has grown from there. We have rules and by laws now. A Annual Winter meeting. We vote people in and OUT!

People wait years to get in and it is great. We all live for the WBI weekend.

Now we have golf shirts, t-shirts, hats, prizes and giveaways, Plaques and Trophies that look like we won the World Series. We open the week with a family cookout the weekend before to allow the wives and kids to get together.

We truly have a great bunch of guys and are a close knit bunch from all walks of life. Our golf is good and bad now. Nobody is really that bad anymore, but that does not mean we are good. We have kept up with our stats through the years and have a very good HDCing system. We play a 2 man scramble and each player must use a least 6 drives per round.

A few years back the local rag in Montgomery, Ala., did a feature article on us in the paper and T-Mac, our computer guru has us a Web Page at www.WildBunch.org where pictures, theme songs, stats, history, and more are included. We have a humor page, mail page, and of course with our bunch a lot of trash talk goes on especially in March, April and early May as THE Tournament approaches and passes.

I would have to say after reading BadGolfer.com that it would have to now be considered the official publication of the Wild Bunch Invitational Golf Tournament.

Lloyd Jones, Montgomery. AL

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