Golf Dictionary - What golf terms really mean


Jack and Jill event A tournament played by one-man-one-woman teams.

Jail Where a golf ball usually lies after a hacker hits it. A place from which escape is nearly impossible. Deep rough, woods, buried lies, and other unpleasant places represent jail for a golf ball. (See also dead.)

Jaws The yawning chasm that is the front of the cup, when a putt stops inches short of its intended destination. For example, "He left it right in the jaws."

Jelly legs A disability that afflicts nervous golfers. (See also happy feet.)

Jerk To pull a shot or putt left of the intended line. Also, a term used to describe a playing partner who pulls a shot or putt left of his intended line.

Jigger - 1. Traditional short pitching iron used to get out of trouble on holes 1 through 18. 2. Traditional short measuring glass used to get into trouble at hole 19.

Juice Backspin. (See also growl.}

Juicy lie A lie in the rough where the ball is sitting atop the grass, offering a clean approach.

Jump What a ball often does from a flier lie. That is, it jumps out hot and travels much farther than if struck from a normal lie.

Jump on it To strike the ball with maximum force, with the hope of achieving maximum distance from the club used.

Jungle The thickest, deepest, nastiest rough on the course.

Junior - A golfer who attributes poor play to the fact that he or she lacks the experience of a mature player. See SENIOR.

Junk Collective term for all golfing side bets. You can pick up junk from barkies, greenies, nasties, sandies, and, yes, even birdies.

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