Golf Dictionary - What golf terms really mean


Valleys On an undulating green, the relatively flat areas between mounds. The most famous valley is the Valley of Sin, located on the eighteenth green at the Old Course, St. Andrews, Scotland.

Vardon Grip - The almost universally used golf grip, in which the little finger of the right hand overlaps the forefinger of the left. Its invention is attributed to the legendary golfer Harry Vardon, a true innovator in the game who also developed an over-the-neck muzzlegrab for dislodging a ball from the jaws of a dog, a one-armed stranglehold for persuading recalcitrant golfers to recompute the totals on their scorecards, and a two-handed throatgrasp for throttling a caddy.

Victory lap The circle a putt makes around the rim of the cup before falling in.

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