Golf Dictionary - What golf terms really mean


Yank A putt that is pulled to the left.

Yard - One of the basic units of measurement in golf. Some others are: the stroke (1.4 swings = 1 stroke); the minute spent looking for a lost ball (1,145 seconds); a 30-foot putt (divide by 5 if preceded by the phrase "I sunk" and by 10 if preceded by the phrase "I missed"); the club-length in determining whether a putt is a gimme (the length of the clubhouse along its longest axis, not including stairs or porches); and liquid measure at the 19th hole (one drink = two drinks).

Yips A nervous disorder that afflicts golfers on the green. An inability to take the putter back, coupled with twitchy hands and the complete absence of nerve, constitutes a case of the yips. No golfer has ever permanently conquered this condition.

You da man! A popular expression among golfs great unwashed, generally heard in the millisecond after a shot has been struck and well before the outcome of the shot can be determined. This is very annoying to da man when his shot lands in a lake.

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