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Excuses when you just have to go play golf!

I need to play 20 time to get my handicap established.

I need to see if my clubs will fit into the trunk of the new car.

I need to teach my son how to drive. The golf cart is the perfect instructional tool.

I need to try and fish my driver out of the pond. I left it there last time I played.

I need to try my new carry bag.

I need to try my new spikeless shoes.

I need to try my newly regripped clubs.

I need to work on my slice.

I never regret going golfing.

I only need eleven more rounds to establish my handicap.

I played so bad last week; I just want to get back out.

I prayed I would shoot even par.

I quit smoking, and a golf course provides a lot of fresh air.

I read it was good aerobic exercise.

I read somewhere golf is good for the back.

I really just like the scenery on the golf course.

I really like a good challenge; golf is the only sport that humbles my ego.

I really need some form of exercise.

I received a demo package of the liquid core golf balls.

I received a new sleeve of balls for my birthday.

I slowed down my back swing. Now I need to see if it helps my game.

I sponsored a hole at the charity event.

I sprayed my balls with silicon, which guarantees my ball won't slice.

I started to follow through on my swing.

I support my family by selling the golf balls I find in the woods.

I think I can finally beat my wife.

I think I can win closest to the pin in the charity golf outing.

I took the day off because my office is being painted.

I usually play real strong on the nineteenth hole.

I want to become a professional golfer, so I need the practice.

I want to play in Denver; the ball flies farther.

I want to see if my new ball retriever works.

I want to show off my new sand wedge.

I want to try our my new lob wedge.

I want to try that new glow-in-the-dark golf.

I was laid off, so I might as well go golfing.

I was late for my job interview, so I might as well go golfing.

I was motivated by play on the U.S Open.

I was physically forced to join the company's golf league.

I was their one-millionth golfer and I was given a year's worth of greens fees.

I wasn't able to golf in outing last week, so I'll go today.

I watched the pros on TV, and it looks easy, so I want to try it.

I went to the ballet last night, so my wife s letting me go golfing today.

I woke up in the parking lot of the golf course.

I won a new set of clubs; I no longer have to rent clubs.

I won green fees in the employee raffle.

I work nights; I have nothing else to do during the day.

If you buy a dozen golf balls at the pro shop on Tuesdays, they will let you stay and play.

I'm getting married this afternoon. I need to sneak in 36.

I'm happiest on the golf course.

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