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BadGolfer reviews the Plungees golf plunger: Take the plunge in style

By Sian D'Costa,

The Plungees

What do you do when you've clogged the toilet and the water is rising fast? Run for the plunger? Sure, if it's in the same room, that is.

Most households hide them away from disapproving eyes. The Plungees golf plunger is a unique way of displaying an otherwise unsightly, but hugely necessary bathroom accessory. As any savvy marketing pro will tell you, the key is in the packaging.

The golf plunger features a durable green plunger cup and clear, hollow shaft filled with colorful golf tees and topped with a dimpled golf ball. Available for $29 plus shipping and handling charges, they can be ordered online at plungees.com.

Quantity and wholesale discounts are also available. Plungees also offers other innovative plunger motifs, including wedding, bowling, dice and seashell plungers.

Also available are the novelty golf Plungees, for $48, which include the plunger and a box to set it in. Covered with plush grass carpeting and topped with a hand-sewn yellow flag, it makes a not too discreet, yet not too shabby addition to a golf enthusiast's bathroom.

Linda Rudnick, founder of Plungees, came up with the concept after watching a talk show where an expert on etiquette tried to find a solution to being a guest faced with a clogged toilet.

The Plungees "I thought about why people don't put plungers out," Rudnick said. "Because they're ugly. It dawned on me how different things would be if plungers were pretty or decorative or just plain fun. So, with an idea borne from watching television, I started designing Plungees."

A practical solution to solving one of life's unpleasant problems, the Plungees Golf Plunger makes a remarkable conversation piece and gift item for the bad golfer whose game is rapidly plunging down the toilet.

To solve your own "golf etiquette" needs, contact Linda Rudnick at 1-888-788-0483, e-mail her at linda@plungees.com or visit the Web site plungees.com.

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