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Bad golf blogger Brandon Tucker (left) is known for his charity work, here enjoying a beer with a random homeless person.
Bad golf blogger Brandon Tucker (left) is known for his charity work, here enjoying a beer with a random homeless person. (Courtesy Photo)

BadGolfer.com's 2009 Bad Golf Bloggers blog golf badly

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,

Golf has a well earned reputation as one of the most difficult sports to master. To take that even further, most golfers find it to be a herculean task to even reach mediocrity. Keep in mind, as you read this, there are long-time duffers out there who have yet to even break 100. Which is why for many, golf is not so much a sport but an endless waterboarding session from which they can never escape.

But while the difficulty of golf is well known, people tend to be unaware that even the offshoots of the golfing world can be harder than Tiger Woods' abs. Nowhere is this more true than in the madcap world of golf blogging.

As the years have gone by and the Internet has dominated our lives more and more on its way to enslaving us all in a Matrix-like hell in cyberspace, golf blogging has become a valuable part of the sport and is shockingly becoming a respected form of golf media.

And it has managed to accomplish this despite the fact that most golf bloggers are terrible beyond comprehension.

Here at BadGolfer.com, however, being a bad golf blogger is something worthy of recognition. Thus, we are proud to present the 2009 BadGolfer Bad Golf Blogger list to showcase the incredible lack of talent these bloggers bring to the table. Because while they have skills that come nowhere near paying the bills, we love their dedication to their craft and to the game.

2009 BadGolfer.com Bad Golf Bloggers

The Armchair Golfer: Combining humor and a tireless dedication to delivering golf news to the masses, TAG has been a presence on the internet since 2005, proving that like bad golfers, bad golf bloggers refuse to quit.

Bad Golf Blog Post Sample: An exclusive interview with Tiger Woods' surgically repaired knee.

Random Invented Factoid: Michelle Wie has proclaimed The Armchair Golfer as one of the reasons why she has yet to win a professional tournament.

Ryan Ballengee: Over at the Waggle Room is where Ballengee does his damage to the world of golf writing, presenting an eclectic mix of golf news, humor, videos and an impressive amount of time devoted to top LPGA stars.

Bad Golf Blog Post Sample: A video U.S. Open preview - done by sock puppets.

Random Invented Factoid: Ballengee has become a multi-millionaire from his work at Waggleroom as well as his lucrative side career selling male enhancement products door to door.

Stephanie Wei: Having quickly made her mark in the golf blogging world, Wei has interviewed several top golfers like Ryan Moore and Christina Kim. A huge golf fanatic, Wei has an Ivy League education, proving that even extremely smart people can be terrible golf bloggers.

Bad Golf Blog Post Sample: Wei dedicated three entire blog posts to the epically insipid Jimmy Fallon-Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 match on the Wii.

Random Invented Factoid: Wei was the starting fullback for the 2008 Detroit Lions before retiring to focus solely on her golf blogging career.

Brandon Tucker: The teen hearthrob of golf bloggers, Tucker is noted for his golf travels, having played and written about golf courses throughout the planet, including a much-ballyhooed review trip to Scotland. And he's managed to do this despite being just awful.

Bad Golf Blog Post Sample: Believing that life should just be one big happy hour, Tucker has proposed that all women be allowed to golf for free at all golf courses.

Random Invented Factoid: Tucker is the adopted fourth Jonas brother.

Nice Ballz: Written by two golf buddies, Nice Ballz is rollicking golf blog dedicated to making golfers laugh. With a slate of posts that include an interview with John Daly and some of the wackiest ideas for golf blog posts on the planet, Nice Ballz would be one of the best-known golf blogs in the world if it weren't for the fact that it's two writers are certifiable morons.

Bad Golf Blog Post Sample: An explanation of their own "Douchebag Index" for playing golf with strangers. Ironically, the two are completely unaware that they are, in fact, total douchebags.

Random Invented Factoid: Nice Ballz headquarters is based at San Quentin Prison, where the two golf buddies are serving a maximum sentence for golfing naked at a supermarket outside Albuquerque, N.M.

The world's no. 1 bad golf blogger

Of course, no list like this would be complete unless we highlighted the work of the worst golf blogger in the history of this, or any other planet. He is a golf blogger of such ineptitude, he has become a cult figure to thousands. With two syllables and a smirk, we present the baddest of the bad:

Ron Mon: This TravelGolf.com mainstay has taken golf blogging to an entirely new level, far lower than any golf blogger has dared travel. Focusing on the golf media, amateur golf, Tiger Woods and much, much more, Ron Mon is an example we can all aspire to live down to.

Bad Golf Blog Post Sample: All of them. Seriously, they all either suck, or are completely incomprehensible. Than Mon continues trying is truly a testament to his sticktoitiveness.

Random Invented Factoid: Normally a kind man who coaches golf and maintains an even temper, Mon once beat the hell out of deceased pretend golf blogger Cheap Bastard at a WorldGolf.com staff Christmas party.

William K. Wolfrum keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation. You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfrum.

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  • High Handicappers

    Monte wrote on: Mar 16, 2015

    What golf course should senior high handicappers play in the Hilton Head area?


  • you can't 'go golfing'. golf is a noun. it's not a sport or a game either

    gabe wrote on: Aug 2, 2014

    The thing of golf defies categorizing it into a 'sport' or a 'game' or a pasttime, hobby, or diversion.
    It is it's own thing.
    In a sport or game, even a video game there is a frenzy of physical activity that raises the heart rate, respiration, and musculature.
    In the golf thing (leaving out the increase in BP, heart rate, and temperature caused by hate, frustration, hostility, and anger) you drive between holes, so you get no exercise, therefore, it's no sport.
    Calling it a game is ridiculous since every game demands that the highest score wins. Golf is just the opposite. You have to do the least to win.
    See what I mean?
    An international PGA contest should be conducted to either name a category or leave Golf in the pantheon of the gods to be its own unique, ball-busting thing for now and forever.


  • The " Gulliford " shot

    Theotis Williams wrote on: May 17, 2010

    I keep having trouble getting my Balls up,This is referred to as a Gulliford shot,how do I correct this?


  • Bad bloggers

    Tim wrote on: Aug 2, 2009

    Ron Mon, doesn't matter, this whole blog thing on TravelGolf.com is just sad. Why do you guys even do it? It has absolutely zero worth. Where's the great Tim McDonald and Chris Baldwin, now there were some bad, bad bloggers.


  • Finally RonMon gets the recognition he deserves

    Donald Ritter wrote on: Jul 2, 2009

    I've scrapped dog muck out of my golf shoes that can write better than Ron Mon.