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Full moon rising

I was golfing with my usual hacking foursome. Doing good was always nice but having laughs was most important. Sometimes we play better than usual.But today was the norm. We always had bets going like two dollar nassaus,a dollar for a par, two for bird, ten for an eagle, and a hundred bucks for a hole in one.

Today I was well up on the bets when we came to the 16th. Mike (the only southpaw in the group) who has a look on his face like he is forcing a grumpy one and can't get it out when he swings. He has the biggest swing and swings all out everytime. A drive of Mike's goes 300 yards, but its usually that far away from where the shot ws intended. Anyway the sixteenth was a par five and he decided he should get home in one shot. At least that what it looked like he was tyring to do.

After a full backswing and a mighty descent toward the earth Mike's club sent the ball higher than I had ever seen a ball than he had ever hit it before. It was also the straightest ball he had ever hit. The only problem was that it went staight up.Mike thinking that he had crushed the ball was watching the fairway for his ball to land. It landed alright. Right on his noggin.

That was good for plenty of laughs not only for us but the foursome waiting behind us as well. But there is more one of rules which we strictly enforce is that if you don't get your drive past the ladies tee on the next hole you must tee off with your pants down.

The next hole was a par three and Mike went last. So with his pants down he hit a pretty 5 iron which bounced on the green then rolled right up to the cup and dropped in for an ace. He then proceeded to run 185 yards to the green where he pulls the pin and begins waving the flag in big victory circles all with his pants down. The sight was worth the hundred bucks. I just thank god he was wearing underwear.

Duff, via email (kblondie91@aol.com)

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