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Adorable Canadian golf fans were a huge part in the success of the Presidents Cup.
Adorable Canadian golf fans were a huge part in the success of the Presidents Cup. (.)

Canada's Presidents Cup fans and Woody Austin make splash in the latest Golfer Supremacy Rankings

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,

The 2007 Presidents Cup truly reinforced something we at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings home office have always believed - that Canadians are just flat out adorable. Never before or since has such a huggable group of human beings congregated in one set location as in Canada. They are tres magnifique.

Yes, despite the fact that the Presidents Cup itself was as competitive as your average beaver hunt, the tournament was a grand success, mainly due to the Canadian crowds at Royal Montreal Golf Club. They gleefully taunted the wet and wild Woody Austin. They breathlessly rooted on countryman Mike Weir. They cheerfully pronounced the word "about" as "a-boot." They were truly the winners of the entire competition.

So while Austin's splashdown was fun and the U.S. dominance of the event was a sight to behold, our hats are off to Canadians everywhere. Sure, they may have had no actual clue what was happening on the course, but they made the Presidents Cup a true blast. We're even forced to agree with PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem, when he said:

"Oh Canada. Oh Montreal. Oh Royal Montreal. Thank you for making this such a special week here."

Golfer Supremacy Rankings

1. Canadian golf fans

Comments: It goes without saying that Montreal was a fantastic host for the 2007 Presidents Cup. The positive stereotypes of Canadians being a fun-loving, cheerful and intelligent bunch were all well served throughout the week. Of course, another stereotype - of Canadians feeling overshadowed by their neighbors to the south - came through, as well. Because sure, Mike Weir beating Tiger Woods on the final day was a very nice accomplishment. But c'mon, it's like the Canucks wanted to throw a spontaneous national holiday for it. It wasn't all that big a deal. It's not like Weir - a Masters champion - was some complete unknown plucked from the gallery to play the World's No. 1. Plus, the competition was basically settled already. Still, the reaction by Canadian fans to Weir's win just reinforces the fact that America's neighbors to the north are truly an adorable collection of folks.

2. Woody Austin

Comments: Let's be honest, YouTube was invented for moments like Austin's Day Two splash into the water at No. 14 at Royal Montreal. It was a moment of such true spaz-osity that few could deny it would become an instant classic. What makes it worthy of such a supreme ranking, however? That Austin came back to birdie two of the last three holes to score a halve for the U.S. side. That, plus his inspired putting during the first day makes Woody a household name, at least for one glorious Canadian weekend.

3. Marc Warren

Comments: Last year, Warren was European Tour Rookie of the Year. Last week, Warren nearly took home a Darwin Award. Practicing his swing in his hotel room during the Seve Trophy, the Scottish golfer smashed a chandelier, causing glass to shower him, cutting his head, both of his arms and a deep gash across his stomach. As Geoff Shackleford reported: "Sounds like he was lucky to not lose his who-ha." To his credit, Warren, stitches and who-ha firmly in place, managed to continue playing in the tournament.

Random Hyperbole: "Weir has always been a national passion. He's Wayne Gretzky with a golf club. And, yes, he grew up playing hockey. And now, he's a national hero." -- Melanie Hauser, PGA Tour.com.

William K. Wolfrum keeps one eye on the PGA Tour and another watching golf vacation hotspots and letting travelers in on the best place to vacation. You can follow him on Twitter @Wolfrum.

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