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Tiger Woods got the last laugh at the Tour Championship, and the FedEx Cup.
Tiger Woods got the last laugh at the Tour Championship, and the FedEx Cup. (GolfPublisher archives)

Tim Finchem's FedEx Cup would make "Animal House" guys proud

William K. WolfrumBy William K. Wolfrum,

Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we have a very Bluto Blutarsky way of looking at things. We are never satisfied with the status quo, even if the status quo isn't so bad. We are firm believers in the concept that sometimes some type of monumentally stupid and completely doomed effort is necessary. And we like food fights.

So we are like our most favorite Animal House character in many ways. And we're sure he would have appreciated Tim Finchem's efforts with the FedEx Cup. Because never before has so much effort been put into something that caused so many to simultaneously say "huh?"

Way to go, Tim. Bluto and the boys at Delta Tau Chi would be proud.

Golfer Supremacy Rankings

1. Tim Finchem

Comments: If there's one thing Finchem proved with the FedEx Cup, it's this - he'll do whatever he damn well feels like, regardless of whether it's a good idea or not. Seemingly borrowing a page from President George W. Bush, the FedEx Cup was for the benefit of U.S. golfers, and a thumbing of the nose to those in Europe. BBC commentator Peter Alliss likely put it best:

"This so-called special relationship between Great Britain and the United States in all things doesn't seem to exist in golf. As much a politician as Tim Finchem is, I'm not sure he really cares about the European Tour. If we went under, I'm not sure it would register on his radar. He's always squeezing dates. The Ryder Cup is moving further and further back. All it will take is a bit of mist in the morning, and they won't get the next couple played in three days.

"He doesn't really seem to care. He's always going on about playing against the rest of the world, but only on his own terms. I remember when Greg Norman was going to start a so-called world tour. Finchem killed that, then virtually copied what Greg was proposing."

All the mocking and laughter becomes worth it when you just realize how much Finchem ticked off Europe, and essentially helped force even more of Europe's top stars to move to Florida. So, for those wondering what the deal was with the FedEx Cup, remember that screwing over Europe played no small part. Whether good for golf or not, Finchem will show them across the pond that being so "European" is just not acceptable to Americans.

At least we hope that's what Finchem's plan for the FedEx Cup was. Because it's still hard to come up with much else at this point, aside from giving Tiger Woods something else to win.

2. Tiger Woods

Comments: It seems odd, but over the past three tournaments he's played, we learned more about Tiger Woods when he lost to Phil Mickelson at the Deutsche Bank Championship than in his two FedEx Cup wins. How is that, you say? Well, we got to see Mickelson put it all together and show off some mental fortitude in holding off Woods.

But that's the kind of mental strength Woods has every tournament, as proven his last two times out. His final five rounds in the FedEx Cup? 63-64-63-64-66.

Why is Tiger Woods the best in the game? It all starts between the ears, where no one is stronger. Or even close.

3. U.S. Solheim Cup Team

Comments: After the young men did their part in the Walker Cup, the women did the same with the Solheim Cup, cruising past Europe 16-12 to defend their title. A great U.S. team mixed experience with youth, and Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, Cristie Kerr, Laura Davies and squad showed that, as of now, the U.S. women have Europe's number. Now, can the men make it a perfect sweep at the Presidents Cup?

Random Headline: From Geoff Shackleford - "Zach Johnson Shoots 60 Despite Being Just a Midwestern Guy From Cedar Rapids, Iowa."

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