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Reader says Natural Golf keeps him in the game

Moe NormanI am 41 and one of the many conventional golfers who have converted to Natural Golf after 20 years of playing. One of the reasons is due to back problems and a recent auto accident. After I had recovered to the point of being able to play again I found that I could only play 9 holes and after was in excruciating pain due to the twisting and stress put on my body. At the range I could only hit a small bucket and I was finished. This made me look for alternatives as I was not about to give up my passion.

After seeing a spot about Natural Golf on TV I decided to check further into it. I usually shoot between 85 to 94 on 18 holes with the conventional swing. After one season of less than impressive stats and one winter of practice at our Golf Dome, I was feeling more confident.

The Natural Golf swing is so much easier to learn because of the 4 basic fundamentals. There is a lot less twisting and rotation which has helped me considerably. My first game back was at the course I usually play and could only squeeze in 9 holes that day. I ended up with 5 pars and 4 DBogeys (42+8). Now this might not sound like much to some but I find that for me it was amazing. I hit all the fairways with an average of 250+ off the tee and hit both par three's in regulation! The short game needs work but I really feel that I can break 80 this year. I never would have been able to do that with my conventional swing. I actually gained about 1 1/2 cubs in distance with less rotation, but am striking the ball so much better I am not scared of what the ball is going to do, I know what the ball is going to do. Now hitting fairways and greens is more the norm instead of the unexpected.

I can only speak for myself but I am sure there are more stories like mine out there. I still haven't broke 80 yet but am close.(82) I am a true believer in Natural Golf now, and when I play I might get a few comments and strange looks but they go away when I blow me drive straight down the fairway. Now all I get are questions.

Joel Neufeld
Edmonton, Alberta

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